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Hi Lovely Writer Person *waves*

It's okay, it's me SUPERTIGHTS, you haven't gone to the wrong journal.

*face-palm* Forgot to un-private the post.

I'm so sorry you caught my requests! Seriously! So sorry!

But thank you and know that I love you for even signing up for an Apocalypse. It'll be fun! My additional tags are, um, yeah, I'm upfront, a little crazy but remember *sings*, "A lot of it is optional."

B99/Jurassic Park, Marvel (Comics)/PoI, Agents of SHIELD, Marvel (Comics)/Marvel (Movies)Collapse )

So this is me saying "Thank you so much!" and hugging you for taking it on. Happy Apocalypse everyone!

Dear Yuletide Writer, 2013

Thank you so much for writing one of my requests. You are generous beyond words!

So I'm pretty easy going about all this, I feel grateful to even be receiving a story. When your gift is revealed, because I'm in New Zealand and I'm pretty sure you will be somewhere else, there may be a tiny delay in my slobbering all over the comments section of your story because time differences suck, or hey, there may be not much of a delay at all if I'm sitting here hitting refresh every minute. I will comment asahp, that is a certainty. I'm sure I will love my gift. I'm sure I will read and reread it many, many times. :)

And now for my requests this year:

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Thank you again! Have fun and in the end, remember, optional details are optional! :D

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